Smart MES 2019

Smart MES 2019

Together with GEFASOFT GmbH, ORSOFT takes part in the Smart MES 2019 under the flag of Germanedge.

The concept of the event impresses with personal dialogue, direct exchange and numerous networking opportunities. At a round table we will be available for discussions on the topic of "What competitive advantages can be realized through deep vertical integration of MES and ERP?”.

It will deal with questions such as:

  • What does "deep vertical integration of MES and ERP" mean using the example of MES (Germanedge Group) and ERP (SAP SE)?
  • What role does the ERP planning component of the Germanedge Group play in vertical integration?
  • What significance do MES data have for future forecasts and thus for improving the planning result?
  • What are the potential benefits (inventory optimization, predictive material requirement planning, evaluation of planning alternatives)?

We are looking forward to exciting conversations, new insights and interesting solutions.

Berlin, Germany
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