ORSOFT offers four product lines containing different solutions or applications.

Those four prouct lines are:

 ORSOFT has created four product lines based on the same software core. The established ORSOFT Manufacturing Workbench for advanced planning and scheduling is the widely distributed flagship product. It emerged from the product SCHEDULE++.
 The logical extension is ORSOFT Enterprise Workbench, which enables strategic simulations, margin optimisation and interactive real-time and anytime sales and operations planning. This solution uses SAP ERP data, which is interpreted, aggregated and visualised simultaneously during run time as time series.
 ORSOFT Master Data Workflow supports the process of simulative creation and country-specific individualisation of master data using standardised workflows. The process of creating master data is quality assured and accelerated by improved transparency.
 ORSOFT for Healthcare addresses multi-resource planning in hospitals. The solution extends SAP IS-H and Siemens by a planning component and enables the automatic creation of cases and clinical jobs as well as the checking for conflicts in respect of the availability of resources and the visualisation of patient turnover.

All solutions are based on archeture principles of In-Memory-Add-Ons for SAP ERP or other ERP-systems to add performance and individualized functions in real time.

Range of solutions