Product Concept

To gain additional benefit for our customers fast and low-risk we follow established concepts and methods during the implementation of our solutions.


The roll-out of ORSOFT Manufacturing Workbench or ORSOFT Enterprise Workbench leads to a more reliable and accurate planning of logistics processes along the supply chain. This enables the reduction of nonproductive time and material buffers that bind capital unnecessarily. At the same time the existing capacity can be better exploited and adaption requirements (e.g. weekend work or extra shifts) can be detected early. As a result, directly financially effective savings can be achieved.

Implementation Concept

ORSOFT Solutions are implemented gradually without Big Bang. Using an SAP transport request a copy of the production logistics model from ERP is created and used to develop a pilot solution within a few weeks. This minimizes early typical project risks, for example the question of the performance with large data models or the model scope of the interface.

Infrastructure Concept

ORSOFT uses at 90% of its SAP ERP and SAP S/4HANA solutions as integration platform. By using rich client solutions, ORSOFT aims to avoid additional infrastructure and, consequently, different ways of speaking or authorization concepts. The use of servers or virtualization environments is also possible.

ORSOFT solutions use in-memory data storage and complement the leading system with additional functions and simulation functionality.

ORSOFT exclusively uses SAP ERP and SAP S/4HANA objects which can be modified deleted or created in a RAM database.

Integration Concepts

ORSOFT-solutions enrich the leading ERP system by release capable add-ons. The data from the leading systems are loaded at run time in a local in-memory solution, where they are prepared and processed with good performance.

Results are written back, as well as changes can be updated by push or poll strategies and synchronized in the main system.

ORSOFT-solutions can also load production logistic data from external systems and to make them available in SAP ERP and SAP S/4HANA.

Maintenance and Support

ORSOFT solutions are fully maintained components of standard software with a user shell for individual solutions. The concept for maintenance & support are based on full release safety of platform and interface plug-in.

ORSOFT Solutions follow a strict release management. New versions of the operating system and SAP ERP releases are fully covered with new ORSOFT releases within the maintenance agreement without extra charge.  

Model Concept

With a unique data model for all levels of planning reliable conclusions are possible at any time and a short response time can be generate instead of batch runs. By aggregations at runtime instead of predefined Info Cubes, the questions can be modified by the user at any time without any delay.

The solutions of ORSOFT support simulation based on SAP object copies and new simulated objects. The solutions of ORSOFT support simulation based on SAP object copies and new simulated objects. The RAM database enables real-time process performance optimization.

Real Time SCM

Currently planning models and levels of planning processes supported by business software are usually separated with respect to concepts and methodology, people and software technology and often organized in strict hierarchies. This separation requires mass data transformation and data transfer between the separate planning models by batch data processing. Batch data processing is also common in so-called planning runs, which are still often executed at idle times over night.

Software Concept

ORSOFT solutions are marked as release safe standard software with a user shell for individual solutions. The advantage over a standard product is the ability to meet even exceptional user-specific feature requests quickly and accurately. Advantages over individual development are lower expenses, the release safety, the higher integration and the benefits of in-memory data processing for very high-performance results in real time.

Unique Selling Proposition

Producers with SAP ERP and SAP S/4HANA standard software want to differentiate themselves in the market, plan to particularly agile, particularly more flexible responses or map particular technological constraints. Therefore they need a supplement for all eligible, mostly identical ERP standards. ORSOFT provides such differentiating features based on very quickly introduced add-on products to SAP ERP and SAP S/4HANA for simultaneous material and multi resource planning for master data maintenance and other SCM and APS-related topics.