Mill Products

ORSOFT Manufacturing Workbench as a functional enhancement to SAP Industry Solutions, such as SAP IS Mill, covers several industry specific business process requirements, that are not fully covered by SAP SCM APO.

When there is the need for additional APS (Advanced Planning and Scheduling) functions in industry specific solutions i.e. in paper or packaging industry or metal and steel production, add-on solutions like ORSOFT Manufacturing Workbench provide a wide range of features.


Production planning and scheduling in the metal production industry is characterized by a high grade of specific requirements. There are several specialized Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) Systems available, which assist the planner in resolving certain tasks. For example, support can be provided to the production of secondary metal or the detailed production planning of foundries. These solutions are mostly stand-alone systems that cannot be integrated in the companies ERP system, due to the separate database used. Hence, there is redundant data management required.

Producers of Flexible Packaging

The production of packaging materials is usually planned as a make-to-order production with customer-specific customization of finished products. However, production is often done in multiple stages and some of the early production stages can be organized as a make-to-stock production of non-customized intermediate products.

Steel and Cutting Optimization

With the in-memory based ORSOFT solution for cutting optimization, as add-on to SAP ERP, steel distributors can check for ATP (quantity and desired or higher quality being on stock), CTP (available to cut or to make ready) and PTP (is the result commercially profitable) in real time. The optimum result will be calculated based on the target definition set in the program. The target definition includes timely delivery and reduction of production cost, which depends on the cutting cost, amount of waste (material value) and the cutting duration.