Industry Sectors

Every industry and every company has procedural and operational special characteristics. Therefore it is difficult for users to work efficiently within the processes for production and logistics just with the standard ERP system.

From the perspective of the central IT department, it is not admissible to deviate from the standard, so the release ability is not at risk. With ORSOFT Manufacturing Workbench the procedural requirements are covered by standard software, while ensuring the release ability of the ERP system.

ORSOFT solutions are used in different industry sectors:

  • in manufacturing industry (machine construction, assembly line manufacturing, foundry, Individual and series producers, automotive, steel, high-tech)
  • in the process industries (food processing, chemical and pharmaceutical industry, lubricant industry, refineries)
  • consumer goods (textiles, packaging, food, dairy ...)
  • in hospital planning

In each of these sectors, there are special processes that are mapped into the software to improve the planning result. Examples of some specific technical processes may be mentioned, which can be in the ORSOFT Manufacturing Workbench for SAP® ERP mapped based on the SAP® ERP model without a second data storage and planned:

  • continuous material throughputs and semi-continuous production
  • combined production
  • shelf life (ORSOFT Shelf Life Cockpit)
  • parameter-based (feature-based) planning
  • tank- and silo management
  • energy balance calculations, fire and environmental loads

Especially this exact implementation of specific processes is often a competitive advantage of a company. Due to its unique technological concept, ORSOFT Manufacturing Workbench is able to integrate specific technological processes into the leading ERP system, without creating a second data storage or disrupt the release capability.

Industry Competence

based on a strong standard since 1990.


[Food & Beverage]



Multi-product campaigns, batch and semi-continuous production and variable outputs, energy requirements, fire load, constraints

Food & Beverage

Tank and silo planning, filling, parameter-based planning and packaging, blending calculation, shelf-life, CIP


APS for SAP ERP with Industry Solution AFS, learning curves and capacity maintenance concerning work familiarisation periods, product mix

[Life Science & Pharmaceuticals]

[Oil and Petrochemicals]


Life Science & Pharmaceuticals

Packaging planning, active agent content, prescription validity, customer retention, documentation, non-free packing, laboratory planning

Oil and Petrochemicals

Semi-Continual Production; blending and filling plan, loading plan, tank storage and pipeline planning, hydrocarbon product management


Vendor managed inventory for packaging manufacturers, blending optimisation, box planning in foundries

[Series production, Automotive]

[High-Tec/ Solar/ Defence]

Series Production, Automotive

Subcontracting, planning against delivery plans, demand balancing, production balancing and levelling, KANBAN principles, order networks, resource networks

High-Tec/ Solar/ Defence

Dome production, folding tables, project system planning by linking SAP PS and SAP PP